Crochet A Plush Edging

cro falando edging 0514

If you think a plush edging ‘makes’ a blanket, this simple pattern is for you!  Sonia Maria offers this free pattern for all of us.  Her blog is written in Portugese, but you can have it translated or just use the graph she provides.

You won’t have to make the whole afghan using her pattern unless you want to.  Rather, you could even work up a really quick baby blanket with a square of flannel or polar fleece and add this edging to give it that special touch.

In case this is your first visit to Sonia Maria’s blog, plan on spending some time (a lot of time 😉 browsing around to see all the totally cute projects she has created, most of which she offers us as free pattern projects.  Thanks Sonia Maria!

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