Crochet A Scarf Or Two

cro scarf edging 0414

Scarves are all the fashion rage right now!  I see them everywhere.  Lovely chiffon, gorgeous silks, brocades, florals, hand painted, you name it, it’s at the mall on mannequins and on people passing by.

Leena has crocheted the delicate edging that takes this particular scarf from the mundane to something truly special.  I love the touch of the simple but effective edging.  It adds so much to the scarf – and no one else will have one just like yours.  You can get Leena’s instructions for making this edging right here.

A different treatment can be seen here.  There is no pattern given, but a good picture and description will have you able to make your own in no time.

I guess the idea is that you could use almost any crochet edging pattern – of which there are literally thousands available in books and online – and stitch onto a scarf to make your unique accessory.

In addition to the crocheted edging, beads and things like sequins could be added in small quantities to create a large impact.  The finished project will come from your imagination and fingers – and will be unique but oh, so stylish these days!







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