Crochet A Scarf

cro scarf 0514

If you want to crochet a really lush, long scarf, this one might just be perfect for you.

Scarves are one of my favorite ‘go to’ projects.  If there’s a new yarn I want to try out, making a scarf does not involve a huge financial investment – and I needn’t spend a month working on it.  Also, having a nice stash of scarves is a good way to be sure there is always a gift handy.  Thought I would share with you some of my favorites and some that are new to me.  Let me know what you thing about these – and tell us what your ‘go to’ scarf pattern is.  One of those things we can never have too many of.

cro urban shells scarf 0514

Urban Shells is probably my favorite scarf pattern.  It’s an easy repeat to remember and works well for a variety of yarn weights.  While the edging might look a bit feminine, it’s not really.  When you work it up in a dark variegated, you’ll see that it will work fine for a man or boy.  Caron’s Simply Soft Paints ‘Sticks and Stones’ is a great yarn choice to make one of these for a man.

cro breast scarf 0514

This is the next scarf I think I want to make.  It’s designed as a symbol of breast cancer awareness, but could easily be worked in any two colors that appeal to the crocheter.  I love pinks, so this one could work for me.  But two sharply contrasting colors would be delicious as would a tone on tone look.  Even more practical might be a variegated on one half with a complimentary solid color on the other half.  Also, I’m not much of a fan of fringe, so I would likely omit it.  What about you?



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