Applique is something I learned to love when I was a quilter. Since becoming a crocheter, I’ve seen plenty of pretties that I think would look great sewn or glued onto a jean jacket, tote bag, or scarf. Here are some ideas for you.


For Halloween, you might enjoy this one:

cro pumpkin applique 1009

or this:

cro skull applique 1009

Or, try one of these:

cro flower donna applique 1009

Such a simple but effective addition to a store bought jacket, sweater or shirt for your little one:

cro applique seams  1009

Once you’ve chosen your foundation (what you’ll affix the applique to), how will you affix it?  There are several methods.  They are pretty much interchangeable, but you’ll find some a bit more challenging or expensive.  Hand sewing is by far the least expensive way to apply an applique, especially if the foundation is fabric.  If the foundation is itself crochet, don’t use sewing thread.  Use one or two plies of the yarn with which you created the applique.  Sewing thread will cut through the yarn in short order, destroying your handiwork.

Two other methods are easier, but aren’t suited to all applications.  First is iron on fusing.  This is a web sold under various names (like WonderUnder or ThermOWeb) that you must use an iron to apply.  Typically, you’ll adhere the web to your applique, then peel off the web backing and adhere the applique to your foundation.  This is fairly easy to do if you’ve got a denim piece as you can work from the wrong side of the fabric to apply the iron.  Takes 6 hands, but you can do it!

The easiest method IMO is glue.  There are several brands that will work well for this application.  I prefer Aleene’s Fabric Fusion.  Other good brands are Beacon’s Fabri-Tac or Border Patrol.  Read the container directions.  The downside is that you’ll need about 24 hours of drying time – more if your area is very humid.  Be sure to use a glue that is machine or hand washable.  Most are not dry cleanable.

Another idea is a glue called ‘Tack It Over and Over’.  This is another Aleene’s product.  You can use it to make your applique removeable. You can use it to apply the applique from one garment to another.  Between times, you ‘stick’ your applique on some wax paper.  The glue is good for up to 6 changes, but I wouldn’t trust it that long.  I’ve reapplied the glue after only 2-3 moves.  Don’t want to lose my handwork.  For this, the applique must be very lightweight and preferrably not dimensional.


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