Crochet Arm Warmers

cro arm warmers 0414

Now, don’t think that you won’t need these because warmer weather is drawing near in the US.  I can think of a number of times these might be needed.  First, there’s the chill of air conditioning.  These are so pretty.  Of course, you can work them up in any color(s) that suit you.

Then, there’s the consideration of having to cover tattoos.  Many workplaces do not allow visible tattoos.  I have noticed several workers at Costco, for instance, who are wearing one or two separate sleeves to cover their arms.  These could easily be extended if needed to cover a longer arm or section of the arm.  Voila!  Instant tattoo coverage.

So, cold weather or warm weather, you might want to have this pattern on hand.  Also, planning ahead for gift ‘season’, you could work up a bunch of sets of these over the summer as they would be very portable.


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