CROCHET By Jane Davis – a book for kids and others

CROCHET by Jane Davis

This book is one I found at the library where I regularly scan both the adult section and the juvenile section for crochet and other craft books.  Hadn’t seen this one before, so I popped it right into my crocheted tote and headed home with to peak within its pages.  Good find!

This book contains the usual instructions with associated pictures and drawings.  It has plenty of resources within its covers to go from beginner to more advanced.  So, what makes this book different from a lot of other books aimed at getting kids to crochet?  One thing is that there are projects that will appeal to boys!  It’s hard to find those.  Plus, the book touches on more advanced projects such as edging a tee shirt and beading several handy projects.

Projects that appeal to boys (and some men) include shoe laces, juggling blocks and a hackey sack, a nifty pencil case that fits inside a three ring binder, and a huge netted bag to carry soccer balls to practice – fairly simple ideas I’ve not seen elsewhere.  Why didn’t I think of these?  There are even photos of boys playing with the balls and such.

For girls and women, the beaded pieces are lovely.  The idea for making ‘Best Friends’ necklaces is, well, charming!  Other projects include a couple of felted items, a cute but simple summer top, small bags, a pretty shawl, slippers, a cute roly poly pig, and game pieces.  Can’t name them all.

The strength of this book is the clear instructions and the notion that crochet is not DIFFICULT but accessible, something that a kid can do, confidence-building.  This would be a great choice for a kid who you know is interested in crochet or for one you’d like to get interested in crochet.

Book Specs:

CROCHET Fantastic Jewelry, Hats, Purses, Pillows & More by Jane Davis

Published by Lark Books, 2005

ISBN 1-57990-477-7

Written for kids aged 8-14, contains 30 projects

No list price on the book, but readily available used on the internet.


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