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Mikey over at Crochet Crowd has devised a couple of new tools that look to be quite useful.  Of course, as with all things crochet, no matter how exact your input might be, your output may vary.  But, his Afghan Calculator, for instance, can really help in determining if you have enough yarn on hand to work a specific pattern to a specific size.  He has a couple other tools there too.  Be sure to check out the Yarn Substitution Calculator.

I like Mikey’s approach to crochet.  He is a patient teacher via his videos and is inclusive in his scope.  He is SURE that everyone can crochet wonderful things using fairly simple techniques.  Right, no?  From the simplest stitches to much more involved stitches and techniques, Mikey will walk you through it.

If you’re not great with color (like me), you’ll value Mikey’s partner, Dan’s, page on trendy color combinations (one of which is pictured above).  For someone like me, this is a great tool both for inspiration and for verification that I’m not putting together a palette that is displeasing to everyone but me!  My only complaint here is that the color combinations don’t look trendy to me.  They look timeless.  But, what do I know??

He also has great giveaways, reviews new products (like I do), and offers a great free site that will delight most crocheters.  Check him out for free patterns and to take a look at the pictures of the many projects completed by his ‘followers’ for his challenges.  Lots of fun!


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    Thank you so much for the write up. I accidentally stumbled across this. I have just left the kitchen challenging Diva Dan to come up with more innovative colour ideas.

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