WOW!  How have I overlooked crochet DVD’s before??  I’ve looked at their covers at craft stores and even at the library, but never took one home to see what is on one.  Big Mistake!  These things are treasure troves – for beginners and experienced crocheters alike.

Today, I watched “I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting! In Motion” by Melissa Leapman.  I’m familiar with Melissa Leapman, having taken a class from her at the MIssouri Fiber Festival one year.  She’s a very good teacher – somewhat in the manner of a Drill Instructor.  This is not a bad thing.  Not to say that at all.  She had a lot of information to cover in a couple hours, a large class of students, and a very straight forward teaching style.  In the class I took, she got it all in – lots of info and lots of enthusiasm in an animated fashion.  On this DVD, her style is still straight forward, no frills, but much better paced – the benefit one has with a camera looking on when there can be re-takes and editing.

Melissa goes through all the basic stitches starting with the real basics – great for a rank beginner.  But, with the ‘magic’ of DVD’s, a more experienced crochet can skip the basics and get down to things of more interest.  For the beginner, however, this is a true gem.  Melissa, with the aid of clear, close-up videography, demonstrates holding the hook, making the starting loop, chaining, basic stitches, and, perhaps most importantly, WHERE TO INSERT THE HOOK for all the stitches.  This is something that I occasionally still have trouble with!

A real plus for our left-handed buddies is that every stitch screen has a video insert demonstrating the stitch with a left-handed crocheter.  I’m right-handed, but I think this will be a reall boon for lefties.

Melissa also clearly defines how to count stitches, finishing off, and weaving in ends.  There is a bit of repetition which I feel is necessary for beginners.  The pace is good, but with a DVD, one can always rewind or fast forward to meet one’s own needs.  If I need to see how to work a DC, I can review that screen 27 times if I need to.  Even the best teacher sitting next to me in the flesh will eventually lose patience with me if I ask for that many reviews!!

Stitches covered include chain, single crochet, half double, double, and treble.  Also, there are four beginner projects – purse, belt, scarf, and spa cloth, a complete list of crochet abreviations, and a resource guide for further learning.  In addition, there is a hard copy of the projects included inside the DVD case.

This would make a great gift for a beginner or anyone needing a refresher course.

Please stay tuned for some more DVD reviews soon.

This is a 2007 Leisure Arts Product that lists for $19.95 and is available new or used online.


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    Thanks for the recommendation…I’ve been trying to teach myself from random instructions and tutorials online, and this seems like it might be a good investment. :)

  2. says

    I bought the knitting DVD’d for my 10 yo daughter, and she used that to learn more than the basic knit and purl and got a blue ribbon at county fair. I’m sure the crochet video is just as good for learning and getting project ideas.

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    I have this DVD, and it is fantastic, in fact, I learned how to crochet from it two years ago. I had tried books, websites, and magazines, and could not get past making a chain, and was truly ready to give up on crocheting all together until I got this DVD. It was immensely helpful being able to actually see the stitches being performed. I highly recommend it!

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    Thanks so much for mentioning the left handed screen, I;ve been trying to find this info. for my granddaughter, for im right handed & she is left. it was difficult for her to understand even though she was sitting infront of me watching .

  5. Drema says

    checked out this video from library – HORRIBLE! Impossible to navigate between all sections, horrible camera angles, Melissa crochets 90 miles an hour, and the first segment where you’d expect her to show you how to get started she is already crocheting along like you should know what you’re doing! If you go to Amazon you’ll see LOTS of face reviews for Leisure Arts DVD’s. If you go through several people who post gushing five star reviews you’ll see they give ALL Leisure Arts products the same gushing reviews….. that’s a hint that they’re working for Leisure Arts. You’ll notice some bad reviews and they’re all stating the same things I am about her going really fast, can’t navigate and can’t see what she’s doing. Read the comments, too. You’ll figure it out. I’m sticking with knitting with Nicci. Bought that DVD and it has none of the problems the Leisure Arts DVD’s do. Just trying to save you money.

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