Crochet Fix

cro converse 0714

If this isn’t the cleverest use of a simple crochet motif, I must be a monkey’s uncle (or aunt)!  As a tot, my daughter yearned deeply for the Converse high tops her older brothers wore.  She got them as hand-me-downs which pleased her greatly since she was such a tom boy.  But, for the little girl who is a prissy missy, this idea will make those old high tops special for her alone.  Jane Burns created this for her Converse look-alikes and has a nice tutorial to make it easy for the rest of us to replicate her idea.

cro cuff fix 0714

Here’s another tutorial for a quick fix.  If you get a stained or threadbare cuff on a favorite sweater or sweatshirt, you can readily remedy the situation by adding a simple crochet add-on.  Quick, simple, and effective!

cro fix tool 0714Finally, I couldn’t pass up the chance to let all crocheters know that they already possess the very special ‘kit’ (seen for sale in this article from a knitting magazine) for repairing missed stitches in knit.  The ultimate fixer-upper for needlework is our favorite hook.  How’s that for coolness?


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