Crochet Flutters By

cro butterfly afghan 0514

My son has a girlfriend who I have been getting to know these past few weeks.  She’s a delight!  Her house is beautifully decorated and I admire her good taste.  She was also the inspiration for my recent foray into gardening.  When I was at her home a couple weeks ago, I noticed all the butterflies she had used in her decorating.  It quickly became clear that she’s a huge fan.  She also crochets, so she might just be a ‘keeper’!

I decided that I might try to crochet her a butterfly of some sort for the next gifting occasion.  To that end, I went searching online to find some good patterns.  There are so many lovely butterfly motifs around the ‘net and in books and magazines.  But, this particular one just captured my imagination.  I think it’s extraordinary!

I know this looks like a babyghan – and, no I’m not hinting.  But, you may note that the pattern is scaled to different sizes from baby to adult.  The pattern is not free, but it looks to me to worth its price.  You can take a look at the pattern for yourself at  I just wanted to share….



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