Crochet For Your Wrist

cro bracelet wrap 0214

This is a perfect project for a beginner – instant gratification – and a clever project for a crocheter of any level.  For a rank beginner, I’d start with a plainer version of worsted weight acrylic yarn as it would be easier to get the stitches even and frogging would be easier.  But, for anyone more accomplished than a newbie, splurge on a skein of some extravagant yarn – just a tiny skein – and make this stunning Wrist Wrap Bracelet that Amy Latta has designed, using her free pattern.

If you are helping a newbie learn to crochet, pick the yarn and hook for the newbie and let the newbie pick a very special button for the accent piece.  Then, it’s all about the chain stitch and single crochet – the first two things every newbie must learn.  There is almost no way to fail with this project.  And, when you’re done – you have an extremely attractive bracelet.

I recently crocheted a Moebius Scarf for my daughter and I have just a few yards of each of the two yarns I used.  I’m going to use this idea and make her a Wrist Wrap Bracelet to match it.  She’s a lover of pearls, so I will try to find something ‘pearly’ for the accent.  Looks like fun to me!

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