Crochet Gets Serious

Can crochet save your life?  Kathryn Vercillo thinks so.  She thinks that crochet saved her life and she’s written a book about it.  Kathryn’s name may be familiar to your from her awesome blog about which I’ve written before.

I have yet to read Kathryn’s book, but I know something of her story, of her years long struggle against devastating depression.  Crochet has carried her through some very difficult times and she’s gathered stories from some other crocheters whose stories echo her own.

Most of us know of the calming potential of crochet.  Almost any activity that requires repetitive, rhythmic movements and allows us to enter some other realm of reality can be calming and healing.  I know this myself.  In my own life, I have learned of the benefits of crochet and a few other activities that can bring me back to a centered reality in my own life.

I look forward to getting my hands on Kathryn’s book.  I’m sure she has deep insights that I can use dealing with the patients and students I deal with on a regular basis.  Every crocheter has a story about how crochet has benefited her/his life.  Kathryn has more to share with us.  You can read a preview and order a copy of the book for yourself here.  Please let us know what you think about Kathryn’s book.


  1. Denise says

    I should be more specific. I like your last paragraph. “Every crocheter has a story.” I think if everyone crocheted (or knitted, I knit, too), the world would be a more happy, peaceful place.

  2. says

    I am most definitely buying this book! You’re right, JD, every crocheter has a story. Mine involves going through two agonizing years waiting for my insurance to approve a knee replacement, during which I could barely walk and the pain was never relieved… then three more years of sheer hell waiting for my right hip to be replaced, then another year waiting for the left one! If not for crochet I would have gone insane with the pain. Can’t wait to read this! Thanks SO much for the link!


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