Crochet Goodies For Your Consideration

cro owl blanket 0714

I was browsing through Etsy to see what’s new there and ran across a few things I wanted to share with my readers.  These are patterns that cost money, but they certainly look worth a few bucks to me.  This very cute owl pattern can be found here.


cro etsy trailing leaves 0714

I love the dimensionality of this pretty afghan.  See the pattern here.


cro etsy paisley 0714

These little paisley motifs look to me like a cross between a prehistoric trilobite and a flower.  Do you see it??  You can choose your own colors and find the pattern here.


cro etsy music notes 0714

These clever bookmarks look like just the perfect gift for the music teacher or any music lover.  Without the little ‘flag’ on the top, they could be golf clubs, hockey sticks, spoons, or even lacrosse sticks.  You might have to squint a bit to see what I see in them, but with the right yarn choice, this could be a very flexible pattern.  See it right here.

cro etsy bike skirt 0714

Got a bike you need to spiff up?  How about a bike skirt?  Use one of those newer reflective yarns to increase your visibility.  You can get the pattern here.

cro etsy elk 0714

Add (change) a red nose here to thrill a tot so s/he can be just like Rudolph making his rounds with Santa.  How cute is that?  Get the pattern here.

Of course, there are hundreds (thousands?) more patterns for you on Etsy, created by crochet designers whose work and creativity is worth a few bucks.  I make no promises about the quality (or uniqueness) of any of these patterns as I have not seen these particular patterns nor do I have any association with any of the designers.  But, I do believe if we want to continue to benefit from the creativity in the world of crochet design, we need to support those who create the designs for us.


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    Ohhhh the Pain! Of NOT having time for the life of a Hooker! All are just Absolutely fabulous! The Paisley one L©©Ks Time Consuming altho Elaborate. Cute Owls! I believe that I have the pattern already. I would L?VE to cro’d a set of Hubs for my 4-wheel Drive, speaking of Bicycles, except that the Cops wound notice… Smile! As usual, You do have the majik (magic) touch for another wonderful article!

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