// Card from 1910

(link for the heart pattern)

I love the shape of a valentine heart. I am very attracted to stars, half moons, and hearts. I also LOVE turtles!

This time of year, we might want to think ahead to Valentine’s Day. There’s not a lot of time to make something special for that someone special. My husband (of 31+ years) is not very engaged in celebrating holidays of any kind – but especially not ‘Hallmark Holidays’ such as Valentine’s Day. Never matter that I believe the holiday has been around longer than Hallmark greeting cards. The first mass produced Valentine’s Cards were created in 1847. Now, more than a BILLION Valentine Cards are sent each year. A BILLION. We need to get in on some of that action……

So – instead of buying a mass produced card for your sweetie, why not crochet a little something in thread and affix it to a plain card? Then, put that on the top of the box containing something special you’ve made for your Valentine. Crochet a scarf, mittens, bookmark, car wash mitt, socks, sachet, etc. There are plenty of sites out there that offer free patterns online for your small thread design and for the larger items you want to crochet also.

If you want to make something funky, try this:

Buy some of those cute little heart candies – the kind that have little sayings on them. Spray them with spray glue or hair spray to ‘set’ them. Then glue them to a heart-shaped wreath you’ve crocheted. Or, make some earrings from them. Or a charm bracelet.

Find a heart-shaped candy box from last year (I’ve been seeing them lately at thrift stores) and crochet a flower to glue atop the box. Write a love letter and put it inside. If you can’t find a heart-shaped box, use any cute box (widely available at craft stores), crochet a heart or two and glue on top. Paint or decorate as you like. Fill with home made goodies (cookies and crochet) and your love note.

I like these cute intertwined hearts.

Most of these ideas don’t cost much – but they SAY a lot.


  1. Sue says

    You gave me some ideas to do up real quick and send to daughter in college for her dorm door!!! And I love turtles too…they are my sorority’s mascot so anything turtle is great for me.

  2. says

    I love your ideas. I always look for new things to make. I thought of making those cute little card baskets but instead of using C-mas cards use Valentine ones and then add homemade items and candy..

  3. says

    Hi Debb,
    I enjoy crocheting around cards too, to add a decorative edging. I use a hole punch and sz 10 thread. Just single crochet around once then use any pattern you like after that. I’ll post some of mine soon.
    Thanks for your comments!


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