Crochet Lovely Lace Motifs

cro lace motif 0214

I found this stunning crochet lace motif when I was looking for something entirely different.  But, there it was – just waiting for me to discover it!  Isn’t it lovely?  I believe it is shown here as a necklace which would totally delight me.  Its designer remarks that she might want to use the motif for earrings.  That won’t work for old short-necked me, sadly.  But, then, I saw this belt pattern and thought how cool it would be to combine these two ideas – to make the medallion motifs and join them into a belt that would look similar to this one by the same designer.

cro lace belt 0214

These are both free patterns that can be found on this site.  There are also knit patterns and patterns for sale on that same site.


cro bulky cowl 0214Here’s another free one – a beautiful and practical bulky cowl.  Warm and snuggly, right?  Now, I gotta go dig around in my stash for thread for the medallion AND bulky yarn for the cowl.  This is definitely a Cadillac problem…….

PS – anyone else want to add a tiny Swarovsky crystal to the bottom of that pretty lace medallion??


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    JD, I’m seeing the medallions joined together as a belt as you said… but with larger jewelry connector pieces as the joinings. Oh and yes, the necklace does need a crystal accent too I think!

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