Crochet Luminaria


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One doesn’t typically write ‘crochet’ and ‘luminaria’ in the same sentence, but this time it works.  The designer of this project decided to rescue old, stained doilies for the project.  However, there’s no reason we can’t crochet our own lacy piece for this purpose.  But, you know how I love recycled, upcycled, and repurposed projects.  The definitely fits the bill.

You can see the easy directions here.  Your jar need not be a Mason ‘original’ although they do have their charm.  But, an old pickle jar, olive jar, or any old kind of yarn will work just fine.  You could line your front walk or decorate your patio, window, or stoop with these jars.  Simply use white glue or ModPodge to affix the doily to the jar and let it dry then pop in a small candle adn you’re in business.  The soft light of the flame will dance around through the pretty shadows created by the doily.

I can think of a gazillion ways to use this idea.  My mind goes to embellishment with natural elements like shells, pebbles, and buttons or beads.  To keep the candle steady, place a lining of sand or pea gravel in the bottom of each jar, no matter its size.  Tie a ribbon or length of twine around the neck of the jar to give a more finished look.  Dangle charms, buttons, or beads from the tie.  You’ll come up with ideas to suit your decor and your stash.  This is more an idea than a pattern.  Just go with it, have fun, and create a pretty project for your home.


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    Oh my goodness you have just lit me on fire with this idea!!! I have more old jars collected than I can count… same with old doilies now just being stored! Oh my, oh my… I see an article coming here out of this! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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