Crochet Method – Or How To Construct An Amazing Crocheted Dress

cro motif dress 0614

In that serendipitous way one discovers amazing finds on the internet while looking for something entirely different, I found this totally amazing dress that is accompanied with not a pattern, but the method by which its designer created it.  This is a cross between freeform crochet and haute couture, crochet style.

The designer, Ivelise Barssotti, is a very adventurous and accomplished crocheter.  That much is clear immediately upon viewing her work.  Her blog is not written in English, but translates pretty well via the translate option on the right side of the screen.

To construct this dress, Ivelise used Irish crochet motifs, worked one by one separately (not unlike freeform scrumbles), then placed these on  a tissue background before joining them on a sort of mesh background.  The outcome is amazing!  But, the takeaway here is that, using her method rather than a specific pattern, any adventurous crocheter could create a similar piece.

Following all the links in Ivelise’s article is akin to taking a master class in motif construction and assembly.  Now I understand what my talented sewing and crochet friend who is a structural engineer was talking about when she told me that sewing and crocheting are just smaller versions of the buildings she designs or studies.

There is so much information and eye candy on Ivelise’s blog that you’ll need to block out some time to get lost there, poke in all the corners, and see all there is to see.  Happy hunting!


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    Hi there! Thank you very much for your kind words, about my crochet work… I am very happy to see that is being admired by other people.. thank you! Greetings from Brazil!!!

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