Crochet Mystery Piece

cro stash piece 0314That’s not a very good picture.  Blurry and overexposed.  Sorry.  But, I wanted to let you see what I found in my stash the about 20X20 inches and I have absolutely no memory of where I was going with this!  No memory of it.  I know the yarn is mill ends from that place that used to be in – was it Rochelle, Illinois??  Aunt Mary’s I think.  It was a huge place full of very inexpensive yarn but is no longer in business.  My husband and I visited it on about 8 years ago during a wedding anniversary road trip.  He got trains.  I got yarn.  Sound right??

So.  The yarn is beautiful.  It’s an acrylic worsted weight, probably from RH originally and is a nice combination of very deep teal, purple, maroon, and blue.  Not quite right for a baby afghan but hmmm.  What should it be?  It is composed completely of double crochets and could ‘grow up’ to be almost anything.

I decided to use the hook handiest to me, a size J (6 mm), to work a row of single crochets around the edge of the doubles while thinking about what to do with it.  I had vowed some years back to never work with yarn that did not pull very smoothly through my hook and hands as it can cause a flare up of my carpal tunnel syndrome.  So far, so good.  But, this colorway is delicious – and a project of some sort is maybe half done.  While I was edging with single crochets, I decided to just make a larger version of this simple rectangle and see what it looked like at about 36X36.

cro blanket 2 0314

So, this is how it grew.  I really like the way it looks.  The area I added to the double crochet center is a simple sc, ch 2, sk 1, sc in next stitch.  No idea what that is called, but some sort of mesh stitch.  The scale of this edging works really well with the double crochets, I think.  What do you think??

cro blanket 3 0314



  1. Christine B. says

    My mind is on my kitties…they LOVE their own crocheted and quilted beds. My girlfriend made a bunch that size and donated them to the shelter for cat cages.

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