Crochet Punk

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The Crochet Punk I’m writing about is Steampunk.  Are you familiar with it?  It’s a pretty cool fashion and craft phenomenon.  I have been attracted to the ‘look’ for some time but had not seen crochet patterns that reflected this trend.  Not so now.  This pretty design is easily accomplished with this free pattern.  You can find some more ‘gears’ from the same designer here.

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Steampunk inspiration is very Victorian.  Some people really delve into the period and come up with some great, updated looks that fit right into our modern fashion stylings.  How about these lovely ruffled spats?  I think they would dress up any old pair of boots and instantly update your look.

cro steam cowl 1213

To match the ruffled spats, you might want to make one of these delicious ruffled cowls to complete your look.  Isn’t it luxurious looking?  The proper button choice will set off those ruffles and finish this cowl beautifully.  You can order the pattern here.

Many people find the distance from Goth to Steampunk to be very short.  There is plenty of inspiration around the internet if you dig around a bit.  Check out sites for Punk, Goth, Steampunk, and Victorian to find all that is available to you.  Rather than let the look take over, I find it perfect to use one carefully placed Steampunk element.  A pair of Goth fingerless mitts or a pretty necklace may be the perfect touch for you.  Let us know!


  1. says

    I LOVE steampunk!! Never been quite sure “what” it is, but I love it when I see it! I designed one crochet & crystal bracelet pattern that I think might qualify as steampunk. Great article and ideas!

  2. Susan Parker says

    I’ve been a huge fan of steampunk for years.
    I’ve seen a few crocheted steampunk items but I hadn’t considered crocheting gears.
    I love gears and I’m definitely going to crochet one or two but I’ll use wire! I think a crocheted wire gear would look so cool on a journal, as a pin or decoration on a tote bag.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Marilyn says

    I think it’s hard to define it, and a bit easier to recognize it! Latest issue of Crochet! mag has a section devoted to it I think, or is it Crochet Today? I may have to check that. clocks, gears, are involved as you say…..

  4. Kerry Williamson says

    I’m making a whole lot of these gears with the intention of making them in lots of colours and then sewing them onto an Afghan

  5. Kerry Williamson says

    jd, how can I send you photos of some of the gears I have done so far?
    I’ve used variegated yarn, different colour combos and plain colours :)
    you can contact me at my email if you are able to see it

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