Crochet Scrappy Flower Coasters

crochet tiny flower coasters


These are just the cutest coasters I’ve seen in a long time (except for those Christmas ones I posted recently).  These would brighten up any table.  You can use up lots of yarn scraps too since each coaster takes only about 35 yards of yarn!  You could be extra clever and vary your color arrangements so that each person could identify his/her drink by the unique coaster chosen.

These would also be perfect for July 4th worked in red and white flowers with a blue backing yarn.  If you get really industrious, you could make a bunch of them and create a scarf or even an afghan!  Whaddya think?  How many ends do you want to weave in??  At any rate, I think these are especially cute and with the great tutorial offered by Sher on her blog, you can zip right through them.

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