I fell in love with this book the moment I saw its cover.  But, I have a friend, Veronica Titus, who is much more well versed in thread crochet and in garment construction than I am, so I asked her to write a guest review of this book.  Here’s Ronnie’s review:
Crochet So Fine – Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarn
Kristin Omdahl
Interweave Press $22.95 ISBN 978-1-59668-198-9
(Errata available)
Never has a book been so aptly titled…Kristin’s designs encompass shawls, wraps, accessories, finishing with tops and cardigans. The yarns used for the models are fantastic – there are pictures galore, different angles to help you to decide if you like the “look”.
There are certain items that I look for in a book before purchasing it – that the weights of the yarns are given, for instance. There are so many threads and yarns available, it is very difficult to know first hand about them if you do not have a local yarn store, or in my case six of them, available. The materials Kristin used show off the stitches range from #10 thread, up to worsted weight for one project. The majority are the finer weights – lace and fingering for the garments and DK/sport for the accessories.
Stitch diagrams and construction diagrams are becoming a must. The ones in this book are clear and each has a legend (+ is used for US sc). The garments are sized Small to XL for most patterns. As a person, who “adjusts” a pattern for fit (making the sleeves longer, as an example) having these tools makes the entire project much more enjoyable.
Some of the patterns use special stitches and techniques (broomstick, clones, hairpin lace, and linked stitches). The information “boxes” are clear and helpful. This book can be used by all skill levels to produce additions to one’s wardrobe and expand ones abilities.


  1. Jean says

    Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl contains too many errors. I bought the book when it first came out and was disappointed that the first pattern I tried had 3 errors (which have not been listed in errata). The patterns are complex enough that to know there are errors (another pattern corrected on line) makes me anxious about getting into the middle of a long pattern and having it turn out wrong. While the patterns are lovely, much more attention should have gone into editing for mistakes.

  2. Magnolia says


    I saw this book a while back at a store. I am ready to start some of its projects. My problem is that I so two very similar books, but I can remember which one is the one I really want. Is there pictures of some of the projects this books contains? This way I can determine if this is the one I should buy?



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