Crochet Tool Case

This sweet little Crochet Hook (and Tool) Case is a winner on several counts.  First, I love the bright colors.  Makes it far easier to find this nifty little hook holder when it’s stashed in a large bag full of leaflets, patterns, yarn, and who knows what!  I prefer a red wallet for the same reason.  Just makes it stand out more and makes my life a tiny bit easier.

Next, I like any crochet where I can showcase a single, splendid button.  This little project is perfect for that.  I love buttons and have quite a stash of them.  But, there are lots of ‘orphans’ among their numbers and it’s nice to find a quick project where I can use one.

Finally, what you can’t see from the photo is the simple and completely hand sewn liner that keeps every hook and needle securely in its place.  This project uses a small amount of thread and an inexpensive piece of felt.  You can make one for yourself and several others for your crochet friends.  The same idea can be modified to hold knitting needles or just sewing needles and the tools needed for hand or machine sewing.

Get this pattern and the helpful tutorial at Sher’s blog .  While you’re there, browse around to see Sher’s crochet and her other handcrafts.  She’s one talented lady!


  1. Sher says

    Thanks Craft Gossip for the kind write up you did about my Crochet Tools tutorial. I’ve been working on a lot of crochet projects since I made the little case – it’s come in very handy so far!

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