It’s June and weddings are happening all around us. It’s too late to crochet a lot of stuff for a wedding this June, but it got me to thinking…… What goodies are out there to use our crochet hooks to create beautiful, one of a kind, heirloom quality enhancements for any wedding? Here are some ideas:

Free wedding dress pattern (& some other cool patterns)


A pretty bridal handkerchief which could become something blue with a tiny blue flower on it. offers a free garter pattern which would work up in a snap.

And, what about this for the ringbearer:

Or, adapt this pretty one for the ringbearer:

Bride’s headpiece:

This would look really pretty in white with some flowers attached to it:

The third one down here would look pretty with flowers added and a veil attached:

And, even this ruffled hair bow would make an effective, simple headpiece for the right bride:

Wouldn’t this bouquet of lilies be perfect for the bride to carry?

(scroll down for the free pattern)

And scroll down farther to see the heart garland that would make a lovely table decoration.

Another outstanding table decoration:


And here’s something you could use with any small doily to create a special corsage for the bride’s mom or other special wedding guest:


Other seasonal weddings bring more crochet ideas to mind:

Snowflakes for a December wedding

Easter baskets for an early Spring wedding

Red, White, and Blue flower arrangements for a July wedding

Pumpkin coasters for a Fall wedding

There are some great sources for all kinds of free patterns on line. Two of my favorites are:

stargazer crochet  

With sites like these two, you can come up with many great free crochet designs to enhance any wedding.


  1. says

    To whom it may concern: Is there any way to find patterns on how to crochet a border on a handkerchief. My grandmother started a tradition of giving the bride and her maids handkerchieves with borders crotched in the colors of the wedding. With her passing I’ve been asked to continue the tradition for the cousins wedding. But unfortunately I didn’t inheriate her patterns if there was one. All I have are a few used hankies she had when she made me a hankie box. Been to library and it seems the only thing there are show and tell books. Authors too busy showing off their collections and what they seen in other peoples collections of ready made stuff. NO patterns and how tos. Short of sitting and literally counting out stitches in one of my hankies. I was hoping to make it easy since there will be at least 8. Hoping to find a pattern I just have to follow. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time.

  2. Dawn says

    Yes, I encountered several websites while doing a google search for “crochet wedding” which had patterns for crocheting an edging on handkerchiefs. At they had a pattern for crocheting the entire hankie, but if you just follow the pattern for the border you can use it on a cloth hankie, too.

  3. Dawn says

    Thank you so much for these ideas! I found out that my husband’s co-worker was having a wedding on a shoestring budget in one week, and she’s doing without many of the things that she might like. I don’t have many skills I can offer, but at least I can crochet something to make her big day more special!

  4. R. Jackson says

    I would like patterns for crocheted wedding garters. I have 2 brides requesting me to make them.
    Thank you very much

  5. deb says

    I’m trying [and failing] to find a pattern for a crochet horseshoe decoration for the bride to carry. They used to be really popular in the 70 when I got married, but I can’t find a patter for one anywhere!! Any ideas?

  6. janie knott says

    deb, might be a bit late now. there is a pattern on i think the pattern costs 2.75

    I too am looking for a pattern for one and cant beleive I am unable to find any online!



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