Some times you just need some downtime on the computer to get some crochet inspiration.  There are lots of delicious blogs full of tempting projects.  There are write-ups of books and magazines.  There are oodles of free pattern sites to peruse.  But, I’ve found a site that is a treasure trove of crochet goodies of all sorts to dig through for ideas, news, and inspiration.  Have you seen this one?

In addition to all the items they offer for sale, there is a huge index of their previously published Newsletters.  This is the goldmine of crochet inspiration and a good place to spend some time just surfing through – crochet wishes and dreams, I call it.  Kinda’ like my mom describes the old Sears Catalog of her youth.  She and her sister would spend hours looking at all the goodies available in the Sears Catalog (long since defunct), dreaming of all the pretty clothes, toys, games, etc. and wishing for Santa or the Fairy Godmother to bring them to their house!  These newsletters give me that same sensation. Click here to see the Newsletter Index.  There are years and years of archived newsletters, so be prepared to while away your afternoon or evening!

Don’t neglect the rest of the site.  There’s plenty of goodies to view.  They do ship internationally, so if you find something special there, you can fulfill your wish or dream.


  1. Lesley says

    Not really crochet related, but I beg to differ about the “defunct” Sears Catalogue – here in Canada we still get regular catalogues, and kids still love the Christmas Wish Book (the big one with lots of toys) that comes out in August, if I recall correctly. Then there’s a big fall + winter catalogue, and a spring + summer catalogue, with smaller sales catalogues about once a month. I have a stack of them on my coffee table, and I still like to peruse and dream.

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