Crochet Your Scraps!

cro magic fabric ball 0314

You know all those old shirts and really old shirt waist dresses you have hiding in the back of your closet or can purchase for pennies at any garage sale?  You know what you need to do to destress on a busy day?  Rip those things up and make the new, improved, and redefined Magic Ball the way Jenilyn has done in the picture above.  Take out your frustrations and create the strips you need to crochet yourself a wonderfully plush and very scrappy looking rug.

cro rag rug 0314

Go from the closet or garage sale to the Magic Ball to the finished product in short order, using the largest hook you own!  I totally love the shabby chic, unrefined look of this rug and Jenilyn’s description of it as feeling ‘amazing’ despite, or maybe because of, the knots that she was careful to include in her Magic Ball.

Of course, you can use tee shirts for this project too.  You’d still get a very plush rug with the same shabby chic appeal and you’d still keep all that fabric out of the landfill.  And, you’d still enjoy the process of making some nice rugs, mug mats, or other household items using the nice tutorial Jenilyn offers on her site.


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