Crochet Your Springtime Table

cro bowl 0314

That’s a bowl – a crocheted bowl – perfect for decorating your Springtime decor.  Other than doilies, how can we use our crochet talents to change our decor for the brightness and freshness of Spring?  Here are a few ideas.

First, the bowl.  I like this color, but it can be made any color that suits you.  It might be the perfect centerpiece for renewing the decor of your living room or dining room.  So, let’s start with this bowl.  You can get the free pattern and tutorial  Kathy’s blog.

cro flower ball 0314

Near the newly decorated table, there is sure to be a comfy chair or sofa in need of adornment.  How about this colorful and very cheerful round flower pillow?  Just crochet a bunch of your favorite lush flowers and a few green ‘leaves’ to tuck between them, and you ‘ll have a lovely floral accessory.

cro pot of flowers 0314

If you have a black thumb like I do, your kitchen window could probably use a plant or two.  Why not crochet them?  No further care required.  These pretty pots contain ‘real’ plants, but they don’t have to!

cro pot of flowers 2 0314

Even better is to make the pot AND the flowers so they never need more care in the future!  This sweet pot of pansies could be the perfect touch for your window sill or (since they require no light) a book shelf.  Who doesn’t like pansies??


  1. Donna short says

    Love the flowerpot pattern! Esp the little bird. Recently started to crochet cotton caps
    for chemo patients, mostly for children.
    Last night I was looking online for patterns for small flowers apps. I am also going to try to put the little bird on some. I will send pic when I finish one.
    Have been a lurker for past 2 yrs lol.
    Thanks again ( :

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