Crochet Your Summer Away!

July 4 is history, but we still have plenty of Summer ahead of us.  We’ll be crocheting at kids’ games, around the pool, for the pool, for back to school stuff, for cool summer garments, and all those other things we find working their ways up and down our hooks.  Here are some ideas of goodies that you might want to pop in your bag and work on, for now or later.


crochet owl coaster free pattern

On the patio or picnic table, or in the family room, we need coasters for those icy drinks.  How about this cute owl pattern offered by Bonna Chaplain?  It will make good use of your partial skeins.  And, owls are very ‘hot’ right now.

crochet tot shell stitch dress

What tot wouldn’t love to pop on this adorable number?  I love the change to the shell motifs for the skirt.  This works up quickly and can be easily adapted to a variety of sizes.  Let the little princess wear this to the pool or party and everyone (and her mom) will want one!  You can find the free pattern at Musings of a Yarn Mom.

crochet flip flop

Who doesn’t need their flipflops updated?  Any color, any yarn, any way you like it.  Pattern is free and very adaptable.  You could put a pretty button in the center of each flower or even sew in some beads for a bit of bling.  Quick, easy, inexpensive.  Start with a pair of Dollar Store flip flops and your yarn scraps (as usual).  Work the flowers in rug yarn to make them shower friendly – and thus a great gift for a college student heading back to school next month.  Get your free pattern here.

crochet sun visor free pattern

Finally, here’s one for men, women, boys, and girls.  Anyone spending much time outside needs protection from the son.  This adaptable visor is just right for that.  You can find other sun visor patterns for tots and babies.  This one is suitable for a man or woman, I think.  For a woman or girl, you can embellish this with beads, buttons, and crochet appliques if you want to make it identifiable.  For a guy, find a small team logo and stitch or glue it on.  Crochet the visor in a team color or camouflage for even more male appeal.  Get the free pattern at this site.

If you have an idea for a great summer carry-along project, please post it here and give us a pattern source.  Everyone will appreciate that!



  1. dj says

    I had quite a “duh” moment while looking at those cute flip flops. I sat here wondering how they found the purple yarn for the flower center to perfectly match the “thong” part of the shoe. The pattern explained it all [hand slapping forehead]!

  2. CPack says

    Summer’s great you can work o other things beside afghans I am doing the plyarn things. I have made up bird house & those birds that well build next anywhere Love them

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