Crochet Your Sweet Valentine

cro heart basket 0114

Crochet a little bowl to hold special treats for your Valentine!  Who wouldn’t want to be honored with a sweet confection like this?  Either fill the bowl with candy or another sweet treat for your Sweetie or consider using this pattern from the same designer to make a special set of coasters as a gift.  Kara has made them in a variety of sizes so you can use the simple heart from everything to a brooch to a wall hanging!

cro val envelope 0114

There’s no one who doesn’t want to receive some cash or a gift card, is there?  Make it special for your Valentine by crocheting a quick little envelope in which to place that gift.  Of course, you can use any color yarn you want.  Red and white would work well for Valentine’s Day too.  You could even place a very special photo in your little envelope.  Whatever would make your Sweetie feel cherished.  Get the free pattern here.

cro heart earring 0114

These tiny heart-shaped earrings would be a perfect gift for a teen or ‘tween (or for me!!).  Again, you can crochet them in any color yarn, but red is always a nice accent color.  These work up super quick and take only a few yards of cotton thread/yarn.  Get your free pattern to make your pair of Valentine Heart Earrings here.  The inexpensive fishhook style earring wires can be found at most craft stores.  If metal sensitivity is an issue, invest in real gold wires.  They aren’t very expensive and guarantee that your recipient will enjoy the earring with no fear of a reaction.  Here’s a good online source for earring findings.

Since I’ve written about Valentine’s Day crochet before – and these never seem to go out of style – please review some of my older articles for more free patterns and inspiration.  To see those other articles, just look to the left side of your screen, scroll down to the ‘Search’ box, type in ‘Valentine’, and click ‘enter’.  A lot of hits will appear, so plan on spending a bit of time to browse through them all to find just the right project(s) for yourself!


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    These Valentines day projects look lovely – I have been crocheting hearts just lately but I am not very good at the magic circle bit! – what is it they say about practice making perfect. Off to read some more of your valentine posts.

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