CROCHETED SLINGS??? & other things

I set out to find a crochet pattern for a sling for my broken wrist. Couldn’t find anything suitable, but this might be adapted:


Of course, I should have thought to crochet the sling before I needed this one:



So, instead of spending more time searching for crochet slings, i decided to surf for some other obscure crochet patterns. Didn’t find much, but here is what i ran across:


Another site: will take you to a lovely trio of obscure vintage crochet books that are for sale. will take you to a cute pic of a flower necklace made from plastic bags. i think i’d rather see these appliqued to the front of a tote bag than around a neck. is a funky blog that shows some nifty cro-things.

Now, gotta take some more meds and rest the evil wrist!


  1. says

    I made this “Baby Sling” for my daughter’s friend last summer. She found the pattern and emailed it to me without any measurements for herself. I made it in Sugar & Cream shades of blue. Guess it came out OK. She said it worked just fine. You would have to make the shoulder part shorter and the sling pocket shallower to use for an arm sling, but it could be done! And with your beautiful work it would be a snap for you to do!

  2. Peggy Failing says

    Hi I loved the sling shown crocheted with the woman and baby,I would like to make it for my friend who just had her first born.Can you lead me to the pattern?I’m 58 married 36 years and I love to crochet for gifts for people as I have 1 son single 34 in Florida with no grandbabies,I love making gifts for other little ones.Open to all patterns in thread and yarn.Hugs Peggy in Penna.

  3. Cindy Fuller says

    I would love to have the pattern to crochet one of these slings. Does anyone have it that they could share? My email is cl.fuller (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

    Thanks so much. It looks to be just what I’m looking for.

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