Crocheting Clothes Kids Love

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I just love this book!  It has so many fresh, creative projects to suit toddlers to tweens – designs I’ve not seen a gazillion times on the net or in other books.  There are 28 designs in this book by Shelby Allaho and Ellen Gormley, each with a good illustration and excellent photographs of the parts we need to see to recreate each project to perfection.

My faves include the Sunny Day Skirt, a wrap skirt with eye catching accents, the Chelsea Capelet  which is really a sweet shell sweater with a snuggly cowl neckline, the Plated Steel Tunisian T-Shirt, a rugged Tee for a boy but would work nicely for a girl too, and the Charming Bracelet, where all the charms are crocheted!

There are also sweaters, mittens, slippers, belts, caps, and headbands – and an amazing headband ‘cozy’ you’ll want to make right away!  In addition to the charm and attraction of the designs is the fact that, for the most part, readily available yarns are used – and sufficient information for yarn substitutions is given.  So, if a pattern calls for a more expensive yarn and you have some RH in your stash that would work perfectly for you, you’ll be able to determine quickly if the yarn is appropriate for the pattern.

Anyone who crochets for kids from ages six to twelve will want to get their hands on this book.  It’s printed on sturdy cardstock with an eggshell finish, so it passes my PBJ-proof book test!

Book Specs:

Crocheting Clothes Kids Love by Shelby Allaho and Ellen Gormley

Creative Publishing International (, December, 2013

143 Pages softcover

ISBN: 9781589237810

$24.99 USD




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