Crocodile Stitch Giveaway WINNER!



The winner of this book is Laurel with this entry:

zipcode is 11791
I would design a fish using the crocodile stitch for the scales. A tropical colorful looking fish with a beaded accent on the top portion of each scale.

There were so many great, creative ideas!  You crocheters have lots of good ideas.  Hope to see some of the designs you suggested worked up into the projects you envision.  My second favorite idea was to use the Crocodile Stitch on a toddler’s bottom – like Rhumba Pants on a little girl.  Could be cute on a boy too done in the right yarn.

Here’s the idea I’ve had but have yet to work on:

Using those styrofoam cones as a form to make a Christmas Tree, I’d use three different size 10 threads work up three strands of Crocodile Stitch to wind around the cone.  Last Christmas, I used this idea with three different strands of worsted weight yarn in a fan stitch.  I used dots of hot glue and straight pins with brightly colored heads (for the lights on the tree) to secure the lengths of crochet to the cone.  They turned out nicely.  So, I share this idea with you in hopes that you or I or someone will actually use it.

If you are still lacking in ideas to use the Crocodile Stitch, please read all the entries for the contest then get your own copy of this fun book.


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