Cupcake Pin Cushion

I like creative people!  I try to be creative but find that I’m so inspired by the designs of others, wanting to recreate some designs, that I don’t have time or creative energy left over to make things up for myself.  While I see a pattern as a mere suggestion and go about changing all kinds of things with most of my projects, the design and intent are still not my own.  They belong to the crocheter who came up with the original design that peaked my interest.

Kate Campbell has created this really cute Cupcake Pin Cushion.  Do you need a pattern to create your own?  Well, many free patterns about online for crocheted pin cushions.  So, check out Kate’s pictorials and you’ll see how easy it is to make one for yourself!

While you’re visiting Kate’s blog to get all the details, take a look at her article and pictures for Thing A Day, February, 2012 (under the Creative Challenges heading).  First, I would NEVER be able to create a thing a day!  I’m neither creative enough nor am I organized enough.  I’d likely spend 3 or 4 hours each day trying to find all the components I know I already own!  But, Kate did it – and they’re adorable!  While most are crocheted, my favorite has to be the Zipper Heart.  I own probably 25 zippers (from my sewing days), so I need to work up one of these for myself.  ‘Work up’ is hardly the right phrase.  Probably takes 5 minutes to make this cute thing!  Okay, I’m up for ideas of how to make this Zipper Heart conform to my crochet them.  Anybody?



  1. Vickilw1 says

    Thanks for sharing Kate’s awesome pincushion cupcake…I have been a follower of Kate for some time now and she always has something unique and wonderful to share.

  2. lyn lewis says

    I cant seem to find a link to Kates blog, whats the name and blog addy please?

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