Cushion the Blow

My daughter is forever dropping her phone!  She’s gone through more than her share of cell phones and is on her very last ‘upgrade’ on my account.  Guess what she’s getting as a gift from me?  This!

CraftyMummy has a lot of pictures of the different cell phone and laptop cozies she’s made – and a nice tutorial to help you along.  I think I’ll pick an outrageous color of yarn that I can crochet with a bit of texture.  That will result in making the phone easier to find (we won’t go into how many times each day she ‘loses’ her phone) and more easy to identify as hers.  I think this would be really cute felted too, but that will take some experimentation and calculations I’m probably not willing to do at this time.  What about a matching laptop and cell phone cover?  Hmmmm…..

Reader Sara Perez has contributed these pictures of cell phone cozies she has made from this pattern:

Perez Cell Phone Cozies


  1. Sara Perez says

    I’ve made several of these and started adding a simple flower and a loop to close it. the girls love them. i get requests for more. email me if you want you see a picture.

  2. says

    Thank you for your kind words about my pattern. :) However I am a bit confused. You refer to my blog as ‘CraftyMummy’, however my blog is called Rosesnlilies. Just thought I’d clear that up the confusion. :)

  3. says

    Sorry about the confusion. I must have linked to your blog from another one – or been referred by another. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. says

    Would it be possible to replace CraftyMummy with Rosesnlilies in your post? The watermark on the photo shows where its really from. :) Thanks


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