Custom Crocheted Sweaters – Make Garments That Really Fit

If the cover sweater isn’t tempting enough, you’ll find plenty of other reasons to add this great book to your crochet library.

This book is both a beginner’s guide and a scholarly thesis on how to construct your own sweater so that it will fit you or the person you make it for.  Dora Ohrenstein shares her vast crochet experience in a manual that will take you from simple to sophisticated, working up projects that will fit your curves just the way you want them to.

Using thorough text, up close photography, and detailed graphics, Ohrenstein covers all the elements for creating a custom sweater – from understanding construction techniques to reading patterns and measuring bodies, from swatching for gauge to altering patterns.  This is one stop shopping with every topic covered in depth and detail.

After you’ve read the hand-book, you get to the 10 sweaters – all beautiful and at least one guaranteed to be THE sweater for you.  There are two in this book that will work well on my frame – the cover sweater (Beau Blazer) and the Floating Tee.  Other designs include two shells, a long-lined vest, a cardigan, and several pullovers.  As usual, Ohrenstein’s choice of yarn and color are also spot on.  You’ll be entranced by the colors and yarn choices and the fact that the sweaters can be adjusted to fit your every sweater need.

ADDENDUM:  I asked permission to post this email I received as its author couldn’t post it her herself.  I think her comments are insightful.

I bought this book a few weeks ago. It’s absolutely great. I liked all of
the sweaters and most would look good on my frame.
But the real treasures are the fitting instructions and the fine tuning.
Even if one didn’t care for any of the sweaters the book is still very

Susan in San Jose


Book Specs:

Lark Crafts Publishers, ( January, 2012

142 Pages with many color photos, illustrations, and drawings

Soft cover with (my favored peanut butter & jelly proof) Satin Finish

ISBN 9781600597985

$22.95 USD



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    Your post on crochet partners about men’s thoughts cracked me up.. I get the same bull from some of our friends hubbies.. Mine is just as bad — doesn’t understand how women can sit ans crochet or knit day after day.. I always tell them well I can’t understand how you can toss a hook and line over board and sit there for hours hoping a fish will come along and grab you hook…or go sit in freezing weather and wait for a deer to come in site so you can shoot it or go golfing for hours knocking a little ball over green grass hopefully into a hole..

  2. lee ann beausejour says

    Continuing above-at least we have something to show for our hours of ‘sitting’!

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