Cute Boy Crochet

cro robot scarf 0114

Well, there are undoubtedly girls who would like to wear this cool scarf too, but aren’t we always searching for projects for the boys?  This one is definitely in the plus category.  The stitch pattern is so simple that most beginners could succeed at it.  The little bit of sewing required is easily accomplished.  And, no one else will have one like it – unless you choose to make more than one.

For an older guy, I think it would work nicely crocheted in s a steel gray color – more realistic .  Lots of geeks and students would like to have this one.  For a girl, I wouldn’t automatically pull out pink yarn.  The blue that’s shown in nice for a boy or girl, but I’d be tempted to go with a purple or neon color for a girl.  The design is unique but the color choice can make the scarf even more special.  Put your thinking cap on to determine just the right color for your recipient.

Get the free pattern and tutorial at Red And Rosy.

cro fishy blanket 0114

There’s more crochet on Rose’s blog for you – like this Fishy Blanket.  Just go looking for it.  You’ll be happy.


  1. Valerie says

    For things that are based off of characters, like BMO from Adventure Time, I’d really suggest sticking to the actual color scheme. The original scarf is pretty spot on (and awesome!).

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