Although there were not that many entries into this contest, there were some really lovely Christmas doilies entered.

The winner SHOULD be the doily at:

It’s a real beauty!  I write SHOULD BE THE WINNER because so many of you entered this one in the contest.  While I find it to be lovely, it’s not one I think I would ever actually make.  There were several entries that I am interested in crocheting, but that’s not the main criterion.

The winning entry is this one that I’m SMITTEN with:

xmas doily winner destash contest 0709

Runners Up is this beauty:

xmas doily runner up 0709

Notice that the Winner and the Runner Up both come from the same site!  I gotta spend some more time browsing this site to see what other goodies might be hiding there.

So, Linda of Chehalis, Washington is the winner for her entry!

Thanks to all who entered.  Another contest for yarn &/or  patterns is forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

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