Deck Those Crochet Trees

cro tiny tree ornaments 1213

Now that you’ve crocheted all those cute tiny trees I’ve been showing you, you might need a quick, simple pattern to add some embellishments.  What about these?  Tiny red ornaments and a teeny golden star for the top of your tree.  Of course, you may use any colors you want.  And, remember, there’s those pretty metallic threads that would work wonderfully for this application.  So, grab your hook and thread – what you have on hand or what you can grab at the store – and crochet a batch of teeny ornaments for your tiny trees.

cro tree edging 1213

Even simpler would be to use the idea seen in this photo.  Just use a sparkly thread to edge a few rows on your tree.  You can make the tiny star tree-topper too.  The white on white doesn’t show well in the photo.  But any sparkly color would work.

Finally, I have this idea in mind but can’t find a picture of it.  How about just making tiny bows like you’d make by tying your shoe laces, clip off the ends, and tie onto your tiny trees.  Use bright colors, sparkly thread, or even sewing thread to achieve the look.  Make the yuletide bright!

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