Did You Amigurumi Today?

Amigurumi Egg Covers

Aren’t these little egg covers just the cutest things?  If you like amigurumi, you’ll like this new site .

Joke and her boyfriend are both crocheters and fans of amigurumi.  The decided to gather all the free amigurumi patterns online they could find into a single source.  But, as things happen, they ran across patterns that cost money also – patterns they wanted to make themselves and to include on their website.  Thus amigurumipatterns.net was formed into a great resource for all crocheters who love these small creations.

I especially like that Joke clearly explains that any money charged goes to the pattern designer so that designers will feel valued and will continue to supply us with the products of their creative minds and hands.  While I may consider a pattern merely a suggestion, I’m not a designer.  I hold designers in high regard.  Theirs is not an easy path.  If we want to continue to benefit from the creativity available in our chosen art/craft, we need to be sure those creative individuals are given their due.  I love a free pattern as well as the next person, but I’m also willing to pay for patterns.  If we don’t, this creative fount will dry up on us.


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