Does Anyone Else…..

Find it frustrating to try to navigate around Pinterest?  There are lots of great pictures – but I often find it difficult to find the original pattern source for something that intrigues me!  There is a section entitled ‘People’ – but the people there are in no order, so it’s very difficult to find he same person twice, especially if I don’t remember the exact name.

I also find it to be a huge time waster!  Initially, I thought Pinterest would be a great source of crochet inspiration.  But, I find that I spend more time there just trying to source a pattern or find a crocheter than actually getting any kind of inspiration!  That’s a problem for me.

I think Pinterest could be a great resource.  But, the way it’s organized (or should I say disorganized), I have to spend too much time wandering sort of aimlessly there rather than being able to go directly to a person or pattern or project.  I have heard some rumblings of these same feelings from some other crocheters.  What about you?


  1. Karen says

    I love Pinterest as a way to keep track of things that I’ve stumbled across on the internet, but I rarely spend time surfing through other people’s pins. Not only is it annoying to not be able to find the original source, but it drives me crazy when you search for something as generic as “crochet” you tend to end up with the same image 14 times.

  2. says

    Its not necessarily a pinterest problem, it’s a problem with the pinners not sourcing the photos properly. It’s actually easy to do, but for some I guess they can’t figure it out. Google also has a way of searching for image sources that works pretty well. I’ll also try the link above as well.

  3. Anna says

    Once you find someone you like, or a board you like, follow it, and you’ll always be able to find it.

    I know what you mean with trying to find the source, though. That’s why I generally do not simply re-pin an item–I’ll open the link and pin it from the original site just to make sure it isn’t spam or a site that is copying from another site. I prefer the original creators! ^_^


  4. says

    I look at it more as an stumble upon inspiration board type of experience. I’m sometimes disappointed when I can’t find the source, but I find that instead of following explicit instructions, I enjoy it more when I try to figure it out myself or talk with my friends about ways to do it.

    It’s become a really fun way to learn and try new things I haven’t thought of before.

  5. Amy says

    I have the same problem. I use pinterest a LOT, but usually just pinning things myself from the blogs I read, then the pins go directly to where I pinned them from.

  6. says

    So happy. I thought it was only me. Pinterest gets me so confused. When I do find something I want, it turns out to be completely by accident. Do they have a page that explains all this stuff. Obviously not. Had a funny experience with ‘Pinterest’ that wasn’t.Kept asking to join. P.S. What is that about. Kept doing it for months (literally) then got an email from a blogI subscibe to saying that in Russia was a fake Pinterest (that appeared to have pirated the real Pinterest & that the only way to get to the real one was Did that & received an invitation to become a member within 12 hours. Weird. Keep an eye out for this.

  7. says

    My deal with the site is that when someone “pins” something and then you go to find it, you have to search and search for the original item pinned whether it be a craft item, recipe, or something else. It is not the easiest place to navigate and sometimes it is very frustrating BUT most of the time I eventually find what I am looking for.

  8. says

    I don’t search it the way you do, which is maybe why I like it better :). I follow people who seem to have pins I like, and then I just periodically look at “Pinners You Folow” or search for crochet boards to find more people to follow!

  9. says

    I never saw the advantages of Pinterest and it was a great time waster to me also. It never really piqued my interest. I was granted an account (that kind of irked me too) and just never logged in after that. I’d rather browse blogs and their blogrolls.

  10. Tracy says

    Yes, it’s terrible. My followers get updates of a new pin I make, and it starts at the top, pushing everything else down. My pins of crochet/craft items is so long that it takes 4 min to scroll down to the first one I ever posted. I am now “creating” new boards to btrakit down a bit. “Crochet Blouses, L.S.”, (L.S.= Lang Sleves), S.S., Tank Tops, Doilies, Bags/Purses, Toys, Appliques/Frigies.
    All w/ Crochet in front. Same goes for recipes.

  11. Tracy says

    Hum… There were some typos there. That’s Long Sleeves, and Short Sleeves. And “btrakit” was ontended to be “break it”.

  12. Wanda says

    I have enough time consuming things now…..crochet, groups, blogs I follow, that I don’t need another so I never bothered with it. From what you’ve said, I’m glad I didn’t.

  13. Christine says

    I love pinterest. For me it’s a great way of using it to keep my bookmarks organised, bookmarks with pictures are easier to locate than bookmarks without. I never have a problem locating the source of the pattern or item that i want to see and if i repin, i always repin from the original page.

  14. Carrie says

    I used to go down the bunny trails to get to the original website then my daughter told me how she does it. So simple 😛 Just tap or click on the picture and presto you are at the original post.
    Happy pinning! :-)

  15. says

    This is all very good for me to hear! I pin all the crochet patterns I write. Now after reading this, I think I need to go back into Pinterest and create more specific boards so it’ll be easier for people to navigate.

    In all honesty, I don’t have time to surf around on Pinterest much. The few times, I’ve had the whole “going down a rabbit trail” experience too.

  16. Debbie Banks says

    I get frustrated with pinterest. I don’t have the patience or time to wast trying to find what I am looking for.

  17. says

    I don’t surf around to find stuff on Pinterest, because people (including myself) often don’t tag the pictures with good keywords.
    Instead I follow people’s boards, where they collect crochet stuff or other things I am interested in. It works great for me: When I open Pinterest, I see all the recent pins from many different crochet boards.

  18. Sindy Faddis says

    I use it for myself as a bookmark with pictures. My frustration is when certain sites won’t let me pin a picture.

  19. nang says

    Pinterest was taking up way to much of my CRAFTY TIME!! I would spend way to many hours looking and not crafting,so I deleted my account and I am so glad I did!!

  20. says

    I don’t typically browse Pinterest for ideas. I just use it for pinning things I find on my own. So I can keep track of things I find. :)

  21. vicki says

    i find it such hard work to find or pin anything, I have 1 pin and then have been blocked everytime from pinning anything else, it’s a great idea, but a bit of a mess.

  22. Christina says

    I agree. I have never been able to get into pintrest because once I find an idea I like I expect to be able to quickly get to the instructions and get inspired! Instead I spend 5 min looking for the original and more often than not give up and decide to figure it out myself. While I don’t have a problem figuring things out myself, that was hardly why I was browsing pintrest.

  23. says

    I am very disappointed in pinterest & I don’t know how to unsubscribe from them. I thought it was a place to keep my pictures of my crochet projects or whatever. Unfortunately, I find that something w/ the little icon can only be “pinned”. Otherwise, I have no time or use for this site. I’m very busy in other words. Anyway, it was later that my daughter pointed out Picasa to me. Like a personal photo album. Thanks! Sheri *c*

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