Don’t Be Crabby!

I DO get crabby when my crochet buddies tell me to finish a project using the Crab Stitch AKA Reverse Single Crochet.  I’ve never been able to master this very useful stitch, so I’ve ignored it until now.  No more!

With this handy tutorial Tara has created for us (for me!!), I’m going to master this stitch!  I promise!  If you, like I, have avoided this because it’s A) single crochet (yuck!), and B) reverse – fear no more!  Use this tutorial and practice til you get it right!  Thanks, Tara, for bringing me into the Twenty First Century of Crochet!


  1. says

    Is it just me or is the link not there? I tried that stitch once. Although I liked how it looked it was too awkward to repeat.

  2. says

    I love the REV SC! I use it for most of my scarf designs and some blanket designs. I think it gives my projects a completed, finished look. It’s also quite different from the other stitches & I love watching the loops form! I have made the right decision with every project I used this stitch on!

  3. Susan Parker says

    I have to agree, this stitch makes me crabby too! It’s easier after the first stitch and it’s well worth it to master the stitch.
    I love it on the top of purses, tote bags and for the finishing edge on fingerless gloves.

  4. Tracy says

    Well, to be concieted ^_^ I did it right off. Love it! Then I did a pair of slippers for my son and switched colors every single stitch for a braided look in 2 shades of brown around the upper edge of the slippers. I know it came out cool because he noticed and commented. Being about 20 at the time and things must be “cool”, I was delighted that he noticed the most creative (and aquard) part of the project. It is aquard to change colors even every once in a while, but every stitch?!? Yikes. But it was so worth it. And I find it a very easy stitch to do. I’m sorry you all have found it so difficult. I’m not really trying to brag, but he was so admireing of the slippers and edging in particular.

  5. says

    I love the Crab stitch! Now granted I’m slow while doing it but I like how it looks as an edging. It probably takes me half the time to do it as it takes me to do the whole project so I really only use it on smaller projects.

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