Don’t Be Sheep(ish) About It!



Vickie Howell sent me a couple skeins of her new yarn Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish) in two yummy colors – Magenta(ish) and Teal(ish).  Now, she doesn’t know me personally, but these were two very good color choices for me.  Magenta is my absolute favorite color to wear, so it makes sense (at least to me) that a color that goes well with Magenta would please me too.  These are both very saturated colors with a nice sheen to them.  Rich and pretty.

Sheep(ish) Yarn Teal(ish)


Sheep(ish) Yarn Magenta(ish)

It took me a while of browsing through patterns to determine that I really wanted to try a design of my own with this yarn.  It’s described as ‘worsted weight roving’ and it does have slight variations in thickness, subtle and appealing.  The yarn is 70% acrylic and 30% wool, so I gave it the quick chin test.  How does it feel against the rather sensitive under my chin?  It felt fine.  So, a scarf was in order.  I’d been playing around in my head with a variation of the basket weave and this yarn looked like it would work well for that application.

So, off I went, chaining and stitching in double crochets, devising the pattern from my head as I went.  It turned into a basket weave sorta in the round.  By alternating the colors, I was able to achieve the ‘Broken Blocks’ look I had in my mind’s eye.  These colors play so nicely with each other that it made the interpretation of my mental picture very easy.  I quickly worked out the stitches needed to round the corners and less than two hours later, I had a scarf that pleased me in a yummy new yarn.

Don’t be sheepish (shy) about it, get yourself some of this delicious yarn and make something for yourself!

NOTE:  Due to the irregularities of various monitors, the Magenta yarn above appears to be very purple.  It’s not.  The Teal looks right.  To check all the colors of this yarn for yourself, click here .

Stay tuned for the Broken Blocks Scarf Pattern, my original design, which will be presented here very soon.


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