Embroider Your Crochet

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From time to time, we all need to embroider something on our crochet.  It might be the tiny facial features to complete an amigurumi animal or a kid’s name on a hackysack.  Unless we already possess excellent embroidery skills, embroidery can give us some problems.

Enter Rebecca and her excellent embroidery tutorials.  She is offering wonderful free lessons over a period of weeks so we can practice and master her simple instructions.  Once we’ve followed Rebecca’s tutorials, we’ll find that bit of embroidery will be very easy for us.  Plus, we’ll bookmark her site and be able to reinforce our skills down the line when we need a refresher.

Try this.  Make a simple hotpad and have it ready to work on.  Practice your new embroidery skills on that hotpad and you’ll then have a very attractive sampler to remind yourself of your accomplishments.  Embroidery floss is very inexpensive when used in the small quantities required for most of our purposes.  But, a variety of threads can be used for embroidery.  Rebecca will be your guide!


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    Ha-ha chuckle! Sooper Sweeeeeet! I find that after so many years that go by, I get a little rusty on my embroidery and it takes a practice piece for me to get my memory back! With a hook, I can Doodle all over the place with it, but sewing, (embroidery) I have to follow the rules. (Smile)

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