Exceptionally Cute Felted Purse

Anneliese over at Aesthetic Nest has done it again!  She’s designed this cute little felted purse for her daughter.  I love it!  The bright colors are very appealing.  The tutorial she offers makes it a snap to work up your own version.  But, I’m making one for myself rather than for a little girl.  I think it’ll be perfect for those outings when I only want to carry my ID, keys, and cell phone.  I’m a dedicated walker and this is just the thing for me.  Plus, I own a bunch of brightly colored skeins of needlepoint wool that I’ve crocheted and felted before.

So little yardage is needed for each bag, especially if you use the varying colors that Anneliese does, that this might even be a good project for a Magic Ball of your wool scraps.  Just be sure not to try this with any  yarn marked ‘Superwash’.  That yarn won’t felt.  Almost any other wool or wool blend yarn will felt – some to a lesser degree than you might prefer.  For this project, I’d stick with yarns you are sure will felt.  This is also my opportunity to choose a knock-out single button that will set off the design nicely.  So many ideas!!

Note:  For an adult or older child, be sure to adjust the length of the shoulder strap.


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