If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m certainly no fashion maven.  My idea of fashion is somewhere between Vintage Goodwill and Discount Digs.  If I find something I love, I’ll buy every color that suits me.  However, at thrift stores, the major source of my ‘fashions’, one seldom has multiple color choices.  So, I tend to stick to whatever will fit reasonably well into a wardrobe with basic black, gray, and brown slacks.

For years, I could find nothing in pink – my favorite color.  No tops, no sweaters, no nothing.  Then, several years ago, that changed and the stores were suddenly full of pink.  Pepto Bismol pink – my favorite on me – began showing up with regularity.  I began spending money at the mall!  Then these same goodies became available at the thrift store. Bonanza!!  Now, my closet is full of pink tops and I’m set for a while.

However, as we all know, we sometimes need to coordinate between, say a pair of black cords and a icy pink shell.  So, crocheted sweaters, scarves and vests become important.

I decided to go looking to see if I could determine what colors would be fashionable this Spring.  I ran across this website:

which contains not only color trends, but other information about what will be ‘hot’ this Spring and Summer.  Decided to share with everyone so we can all, finally, be ‘in fashion’.  Well, maybe I will be for a change.

What I especially was interested to see on this site was some of the profiles of the garments.  It seems that boleros and the looser constructed sweaters will still be stylish.  Hooray!  Easier for me than the tailored styles when it comes to crochet.

The colors they’re predicting are an interesting combination of pinks, lavenders, and yellows, a bit darker than pastels, but very attractive IMO.  I’m gonna find some yarn in one of these colors for the chevron cardigan I posted yesterday.

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