I was at the mall today and was drawn to the women’s accessory department.  There are oodles of pretty scarves there in all colors and fibers.  There is a definite trend toward purples/burgundies for this Fall and Winter.  Many of these scarves fall into the ‘scrap’ category for us crocheters.  Here are a few goodies that wouldn’t take much of a pattern to recreate.

fossil scarf macy 1009This one is by Fossil.  Ges some variegated yarn in deep teal and other blues, some solid blue/black for the embellishment, and a large gauge crochet hook.  It would take an hour for the scarf and maybe another hour for its ‘flower’.

This Ralph Lauren sells for $48!  Pretty colors.  Easy to create some motifs and join them to suit yourself.

ralph lauren scarf macy 1009

echo scarf 1  macy 1009echo scarf 2  macy 1009

Here are two by Echo that sell for about $35. How easy would these be? Grab your orphan skeins and get busy!
The cutest scarves there today (IMO) aren’t on their website. They were made in bulky yarn, rows of burgundy and off white with slightly ruffled ends like the one on the orange sweater.  These are really no challenge to make.  So, start crocheting your holiday gifts now.  Just pull out what you have on hand and work up some splendid scarves of your own today.  Save at least $25 per scarf!


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