Felted Soap




This is an idea that’s new to me!  Have you heard of felted soap?  It sounds like the perfect marriage of yarn and practicality.  The resulting bar of soap is both pretty and useful, quick and easy to make.  You can see a great tutorial for making your own felted soap here.  The image above is offered on etsy.com by SoFino where you can find a beautiful selection of felted soaps.  Yummy!  I haven’t ordered from this vendor, but the products look amazing, don’t you think?

Here’s another site with info about felting soap and how to use it.  The idea is that you wrap a bar of soap with wool roving (or a crocheted cover made from feltable wool or maybe a 100% wool sweater you got at the thrift store), felt the wool to the soap as the wool will conform to the shape of the bar (no rough edges, please) in the felting process.  Then, as you use the soap (it lathers!), the felted cover shrinks along with the bar of soap.  I’m thinking I’ll use this idea with that bag of soap scraps I have stashed in my bathroom, waiting for inspiration rather than disposal.

This is an idea I like!  I also think this would make a great gift for that hard to please person.  For your mechanic buddy, get a nice big bar of Lava soap and cover it with a dark cover into which you’ve crocheted some small popcorn stitches which will enhance the scrubbing of the soap.  For a kid, just pick his or her favorite color and cover a bar of soap.  They’ll think it’s magic when you show them how to get lather from wool!

At $18/bar from the etsy shops (this takes some labor so the price is not unreasonable), this can be a pricey gift.  But, if you use your own elbow grease, I think you’ll be happy with the result.



  1. Mrs B says

    While it looks pretty the ewwww factor is there.
    Do you know how much e-coli end up on washclothes? and they can go in a washing machine, these can’t. Then you need one per-person and someplace for them to dry without cross-contaminating each other.

  2. says

    I’m not sure why a felt cover would have any more bacteria on it than a regular bar of soap. Of course, this is not a required project ;-).

  3. says

    I looked up if felted soap were safe and nothing came up saying it was not. I would thing that each time you use the soap in hot water the germs would be killed if there are any. If concerned after each use allow it to dry in a open soap holder. e-coli seems a tad extreme :(

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