Finnish Follow-Up

Wanda's Chain Bridge Scarf

One of the things I like best about crochet is how flexible it is.  First, I found and posted the beautiful Finnish shawl.  Then a friendly reader, Christina, translated the pattern for us (see Comments Section of the link above).  Then Wanda emailed me with a picture of how she interpreted the pattern to create a lovely and unique scarf as a gift for a teen girl.  I love it!  From across the world and across the internet, we are able to share our love of crochet and our various adaptations of a pattern.  I’m so glad Wanda sent this to me!  I hadn’t thought to downsize the beautiful Finnish Shawl for a scarf – but guess what my next project will be!


  1. Wanda says

    Thanks, JD, for the kind words. I love doing the scarf and was honored that you wanted to share it on your blog.

    You are an inspiration, and big help, to so many. It’s nice when we can give back. :)


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