Flip Flops and Slippers

I was going to write a very brief article to share with my readers how much I am in love with the slippers Sher Marchman Day crocheted for me.  But we’ll get to that.  When I went to her site today to steal a picture of my slippers, I ran across these little bunny slippers.  How cute are these???  You can find a link to the pattern for them here.  Not free, but after wearing the slippers she made, I’m here to tell you that this gal’s patterns are worth the price you pay for them!  More on this later.

You may recall the article I wrote earlier about the bears Sher makes for charity – not her charity – yours.  They’re cute and really well priced.  Reviewing Sher’s website to write that article, I ran across the slippers, among other items she makes and suggests for gifting.

Now, back to my slippers.  I’ve been waiting to write an article about them because I wanted to include a picture of my pretty patchwork (grey and black) slippers on my feet – but, alas, neither of my sons has been around lately to snap a pic.  So, here’s the picture on Sher’s site of a plain pair (not the patchwork design like I have).

These are custom made slippers.  Sher emails for specific measurements and color preference.  I measured the bottom of my (previous) favorite slippers and sent along those measurements and the fact that I’d like the black and grey patchwork design.  About 10 days later, the slippers arrived in the mail.  First, I noticed how good they smelled!  Why do slippers smell good?  Then I tried them on.  Perfection!!  I have a narrow and long foot – size 10- and I’ve gotten so used to wearing ‘sloppy’ slippers – ones that are simply too wide for me – that I was especially delighted to feel that these slippers fit like – well – a glove!  My feet get cold in bed at night and these are the solution.  I am loathe to wear them around the house since I’m hard on slippers – lots of dog hair, trips to the garage which does not have a clean floor, cooking in the slippers, etc.  I don’t want these to wear out!  So, I save them to slip on before bedtime so I can keep my toes warm all night (and sleep better for it).

Further, I’m actually stunned that I can purchase a pair of custom made, custom fitted felted wool slippers for $20!  Sher must crochet and felt a lot faster than I do.  Now, that’s not hard since I’m a slow crocheter.  But, I’ve felted quite a bit of wool and it can be a time consuming process.

So, here’s my shout-out to Sher and her slippers.  And, those cute flip flops!  And lots of other gift items Sher offers that are beautiful and well priced.  Go there and check it out for yourself.



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