Floral Blocks To Crochet

Looking for a fresh new block to crochet?  This book will have it for you.  Betty Barnden has created 75 delicious floral inspired blocks for us to play with!  Fortunately, ‘block’ doesn’t mean square or even rectangle.  There are hexagons, circles, triangles and other shapes of ‘blocks’.  I am especially fond of the diamond shaped motifs that would make wonderful centerpieces for table runners, afghans, and, since there are both flat and dimensional motifs, the side of a tote bag or back of a sweater.  As always with crochet, application and adaptation are limited only by the crocheter’s imagination.  Barnden gives us the lovely building blocks and it’s up to us to crochet them into something special.

In addition to the wonderful array of shapes and designs, there is color in this book.  I find color so inspiring!  Barnden uses color combinations to enhance her designs – often using unusual color combinations to add zest or calmness to a motif.  Red pops, yellow draws attention, while a beige and white combination gives a serene feel to the piece.  I’m not great with color.  I know what I like when I see it, but I’m far more likely to be motivated or inspired by the color combinations I see in the work of others than to come up with a pleasing interplay of colors on my own.  Obviously, these motifs can be made in the colors of the crocheter’s choice – but I love the way Barnden has mixed colors to add dimension and charm.

Two notes that increase the value of this book to me, as a crocheter.  First, Barnden has a nice photo display to demonstrate how a change in gauge can create a vastly different outcome.  She shows the same square worked in six different sizes – from three inches to seven inches – achieved by increasing hook and yarn/thread size.  We all know this can be done, but the side by side comparison is quite helpful.  Second, while there are only four projects in the book, you’re gonna love the Flower Purses I’ve never seen anywhere else!

Book Specs:

75 Floral Blocks to Crochet by Betty Barnden

St. Martin Press, September 2012

144 pages, 8X8 inch square soft back

ISBN 9781250013323

$21.99 USD




  1. Lillian Tremblay says

    This sounds like the perfect book that I need. I recently acquired 3 bins of various yarn in different colors and I need help with the mix of colors and ideas. This would be the perfect book to help me out. Unfortunately, English craft books are far and few around here (suburb off-island of Montreal) Thank you for the chance to win this book.

  2. Dinonut says

    I love crocheting “squares” or whatever shape they may be. It’s so easy to take along your project and get something done on it in the few minutes you may have to wait for an appointment, auto service, or an enjoyable outing in the park.

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