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crochet flower tutorial



I have no idea what language this tutorial is written in, but you’ll have no trouble following along with the detailed photos.  I like the way she creates these pretty flowers.  Is there such a thing as too many flowers?  You can use them to embellish a bag like this one!


PS – tiny update.  Thanks to the readers who have identified the language of the blog as Turkish.  Now I know!


  1. Paula says

    It’s written in Turkish and can easily be translated by Google translation

  2. Cath T says

    Google Translate says it’s Turkish, and gives you a translation, albeit a rough one. So pretty!

  3. Sandy Lewis says

    It is written in Turkish. I used Google Translator and it worked perfectly.

  4. sandra smith says

    it is in turkish, i have google chrome and did a translate and got this, i hope it helps::::

    5 cm.çap?nda crochet flower motif used for the mercerized crochet thread and the number 2.5. 1st row: 63 chain started pulling. (More for larger sized chain is drawn flower motif) Level 2 Level: 3 chain partitions are made ??at intervals of two t?rabzanlardan. Level 3: in order for each bannisters, 1 single, 1 double, 2 triple, 1 double , 1 single all compartments filled with handrails made ??and finished. 4.Place: whether a properly rounded view of flower, motif applied to the back side of the fixing process with the help of a needle and thread. use rope or wool, taken into compartments filled with chain or amendments to be made ??in the number of rail can look different than flowers. Linking up at annemarieshaakblog.blogspot.com , andsewwecraft.com

  5. GJ says

    At the top of the page there is an option to change to English-or a lot of other languages, for that matter.

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